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Peaceful Oasis

Life in paradise doesn’t have to be so far away. This is where you can have your own private oasis, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with it.


Prestige property only means creating a valuable, attractive neighborhood that exudes high-end living for all residents.


Lac-Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise is the ultimate safe-haven for anyone wanting to escape big-city living while maintaining a modern, secure lifestyle.

Welcome to Lac-Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise

With a collection of beautiful lots on a peninsula in Lac-Sainte-Marie, this exclusive gated-community welcomes you to paradise in Quebec. Located only 1 hour from downtown Ottawa, this place is the perfect blend of paradise and practicality.


Thanks to excellent infrastructure, we support a secure quality of living during the good times & not so good times

Gated community

Natural spring water

Standby electric generator


Lac-Sainte-Marie, outdoor lover's paradise

The natural beauty of Lac-Sainte-Marie will take your breath away, and you’ll be kept busy with golf, skiing, and many more activities right at your fingertips.

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