About us

Lac-Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise, like its name suggests, is a collection of beautiful lots on a peninsula in Lac-Sainte-Marie. This exclusive gated-community welcomes you to paradise in Quebec.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients’ needs through diligent planning and careful execution of our services on every single project we take on. The Peninsula Paradise Project company is a dependable contractor certified by distinguished bodies, operating with a state of the art managerial network and quality assurance systems developed through decades of experience. In-house design and production give us an edge on our competition, which allows us to provide exceptional results that meet the specific needs of every one of our clients

Lac-Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise

Our core values

Environmentalism. All of our projects are inherently eco-friendly. This unique waterfront lifestyle we are providing cannot exist without our commitment to taking genuine care of the environment. We aim to make environmentalism a top priority throughout the entire project, as we understand that this is not only important to us and our organization, but also to the families and individuals for whom these homes are being built.

Practicality. Thanks to excellent infrastructure (gated community, private wells, electric generators), we can support a secure quality of living during the good times and the not so good times. Living away from the city can have its drawbacks, but we let you stay one step ahead with tools to facilitate your everyday life.

Serenity. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our goal is to create an escape from the chaos of everyday city life. We are committed to offering a serene lifestyle where families can have peace of mind, ridding themselves of stress and embracing the calm, tranquil beauty of nature.

Mission Statement

We aim to create a unique development project – a safe haven, in harmony with nature – where each resident can find peace of mind in their dream home. Located on the beautiful Lac-Sainte-Marie, this peninsula paradise is conveniently situated a mere 1 hour from downtown Ottawa.

Once completed, the project will offer a unique waterfront lifestyle where all residents will have access to many of their favorite outdoor activities, including swimming, boating, fishing, golf, cycling, skiing, and more.

Ideal for individuals and families, this gated community offers an opportunity to enjoy life away from the big city, while ensuring that the necessary elements for a secure, modern, and wholesome lifestyle are implemented and maintained.

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