July 12, 2020 Mathieu Laliberte

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Canada

Should you buy or rent? This is a long-standing debate, and with 2020 being such an unpredictable year, there are many new factors to consider when thinking about this very important question: Should you buy land in Canada?

This article will outline three major arguments for why you should buy land in Canada, whether it be for yourself, for investment purposes, or for you and your family. Owning property in this amazing country comes with so many benefits and is sure to provide you with peace of mind about your future. 

One of the many fantastic examples of opportunities to buy land in Canada is the Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise Project, situated a mere hour’s drive north of Ottawa, Ontario. But we’ll revisit this a bit later in the article

For now, here are the top three reasons why you should buy land in Canada. 


Buy land in Canada, invest in your future 

When you buy land in Canada, you’re not only investing in a place for you and your family to live – you’re also investing in your future. 

That’s because when you buy land, especially in a good area, it tends to appreciate in value over time. That means you can end up making money on your original purchase if you decide to sell twenty-five years or so down the road. 

This is a great example of creating a source of passive income for yourself. Diversifying your net worth provides you with added financial security in the event that life doesn’t go as planned. This is especially important to consider when deciding to raise a family. At that, this type of financial safety net is important to consider following the bizarre events of 2020, where many individuals and families alike are left questioning the security of their futures. 

Besides serving as a quality addition to your current investment portfolio, your decision to buy land in Canada also acts as a retirement plan, in a sense. Knowing that one’s home and property typically appreciate over time – and this is especially the case in up and coming neighborhoods, or neighborhoods part of or close to developments – means you can sell, downsize your living situation, and enjoy an additional source of income in your later years. Or, in some cases, you can pay off the mortgage to your home and enjoy one less expense – something that brings you one step closer to financial freedom. 

These reasons listed above apply to buy land almost anywhere in the developed world. But here’s why you should buy land in Canada. 


Canadians enjoy a high quality of life 

You know that you should buy land, but why should you buy land in Canada specifically? The main reason you should buy land in Canada is that the country makes high quality of living available for all residents. 

Firstly, crime rates are incredibly low, making Canada overall a very safe country to live in.  

Additionally, the Canadian economy is strong and stable, with low rates of unemployment in general. The high standard of living afforded to Canadians gives peace of mind to those planning for their financial futures, as well as those planning their family’s future. 

Furthermore, the quality of Canada’s universal healthcare is among the top in the world. This, paired with the country’s proactive approach to social assistance programs such as affordable housing, make Canada a fantastic place to live. 

What’s more, the country places an enormous emphasis on education. Free access to primary and secondary school education is available to all, with Canadian universities charging significantly lower tuition compared to most major American universities. Maybe that explains why Canada ranked as the number one educated country in the world, with 56% of Canadian adults having achieved some level of education after high school (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2018). 

There’s something else important to consider as you decide whether to buy land in Canada: the country is a hotspot for culture. Although Canada has its own distinct history, the country’s population is quickly becoming an example of true multiculturalism, where individuals and families from various ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures come together to enjoy life. 

Canada’s own history and culture are indeed fascinating, as the mixture of English and French roots can be traced back hundreds of years. But the quickly developing cultural landscape of this great country is one that is varied, diverse, and eclectic. 

When you buy land in Canada, you set your family up for a very high quality of life. At that, you invest in a safe, secure lifestyle for many years to come. 

Don’t buy land in Canada just for yourself – do it for your wife, your husband, your kids, and for your future.


Buy land in Canada and enjoy big cities and the countryside 

Living in a major city comes with many perks, but so does living in the countryside. If 2020 has shown us one thing, it’s that the nature of the workplace is changing dramatically. Working remotely isn’t such a crazy idea anymore, and more and more people are realistically looking for a home that has space for a home office. Many of the perks of living in major cities are disappearing as common work practices evolve, and this means there are additional factors to consider when thinking of buying land in Canada. 

Imagine waking up on the water, surrounded by forest, mountains, and the sounds of nature instead of the sounds of traffic. This doesn’t have to be restricted to a vacation scenario… this could be your everyday life if you play your cards right. 

Canada has its share of major cities in each province and territory that make working for large companies, and traveling to other major cities for work, very easy. But just a short drive from every major Canadian city is breathtaking wilderness, natural parks and mountains and forests, and vast expanses of mother nature waiting to be enjoyed. 

When you buy land in Canada, especially just outside of a big city, you get to experience the best of both worlds: the beauty of nature and the wilderness, and the convenience of being just a short drive away from a metropolitan downtown. 

When you buy land in Canada, you benefit from the overwhelming beauty the country has to offer – from its oceans to its mountains, and from its forests to its beaches, and beyond.  

When you buy land in Canada, you’re bringing yourself closer to mother nature without losing touch with the fast-paced work-life to which many of us have become accustomed.


So, should you buy land in Canada?

The short answer is yes! Buying land in Canada is an investment in you and your family’s happiness for now and for the future.  

The Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise Project offers you an opportunity for this type of lifestyle. Buy your lot and start building the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of having.

Located less than an hour’s drive from downtown Ottawa, living in Lac Sainte-Marie gives you the best of both worlds. You and your family get to enjoy life in the beautiful Canadian outdoors while being close enough to the city that school, work, and travel are not impacted by where you live. 

Buying land in Canada is one thing, but buying land in the Lac Sainte-Marie development is a whole different opportunity.   


Learn more about the development and the lots available for pre-sale!