September 4, 2020 Mathieu Laliberte

Cottages Near Ottawa: Where Practicality Meets Paradise

Does owning a luxury cottage outside of the city mean that you have to sacrifice practicality in order to get the home of your dreams? Absolutely not! 

Owning a cottage near Ottawa presents an amazing opportunity to have the home you’ve always wanted, without complicating your life by moving hours away from the city and going fully rural

A great example of this is the Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise development. Just one hour’s drive from the nation’s capital, this small town is an attractive starting point for any individual or family looking for land on which to build a luxury cottage near Ottawa. 

But before we dive into any more specifics about Lac Sainte-Marie, let’s look at some of the main benefits of owning a cottage near Ottawa. 


Cottages Near Ottawa: Paradise 

Close your eyes and think about all the memories you will create at your dream home. Imagine what it will be like to have access to beautiful lakes, vast forests, and towering mountains. These are the parts of rural living that life in the city just can’t compete with. 

And this is what life will be like when you own a cottage near Ottawa. 

Just an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital puts you far away from the concrete jungle, and into something that’s a bit closer to a jungle (though not entirely), as you’ll enjoy being surrounded by lakes and mountains and forests. 

Wake up on a cool summer morning and enjoy coffee on the dock before a day filled with swimming, boating, hiking, and many more outdoor activities than you can count on two hands. Parents, kids, teens, even grandparents – there’s something here for everyone! 

Relax, recharge, and fall in love with the amazing lifestyle that comes with living away from the city. 


Cottages Near Ottawa: Practical

Owning a cottage near Ottawa isn’t only an opportunity to get your hands on your very own piece of paradise. Cottages near Ottawa also offer a lifestyle of practicality so that you and your family can maintain the life you love now, or so that you can tweak your lifestyle to one that best suits your wants and needs. 

When you own a cottage near Ottawa, you avoid the long, annoying drives that many families have to make to get to their country homes. 

The development in Lac Sainte-Marie is a great example of this. A mere 60-minute drive from downtown-Ottawa takes away any worries you might have about living in the country and being isolated or more secluded than you really want to be.  

When you think about it, some people spend more than 60 minutes just to get to and from work every day (ah, traffic, arguably the worst part about living and commuting through a major city in the twenty-first century). 

A cottage near Ottawa can be your permanent getaway if you want it to be. 

Or, it can be another part of your current lifestyle, so that you can enjoy the perfect blend of practicality and paradise in your dream home. 


Cottages Near Ottawa: Access to the Nation’s Capital 

But what’s so special about a cottage near Ottawa? Why not get a cottage near any of the other major cities in Canada, or the United States, for that matter? 

Well, there is a lot in the city of Ottawa. Owning a cottage in the area gives you easy access to a lot of great events, attractions, and people. 

From the buildings of the Canadian Parliament to the University of Ottawa campus, to the Rideau Canal – enjoy these sights (just to name a few) in an afternoon’s walk around downtown! 

Mix things up and visit one of the many inspiring museums or exhibits, or attend one of the famous annual events the city has to offer, such as Winterlude, the Ottawa Tulip Festival, or the Ottawa Fringe Festival (again, just to name a few). 

What about sports? The city of Ottawa is now home to four professional sports teams! Have your pick between the Ottawa Senators (National Hockey League), the Ottawa Redblacks (Canadian Football League), the Ottawa Champions (Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball), and Atlético Ottawa (Canadian Premier League). Likewise, you’ll also be able to catch games from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, as well as several other non-professionals or semi-professional teams in a variety of sports. 

Owning a cottage near Ottawa doesn’t just mean you have a major city to fly out of or a place to do your groceries. 

Owning a cottage near Ottawa means that you get to experience this amazing city for what it is and all that it has to offer, as well as be able to drive off and leave the concrete behind for the sounds of nature once you’ve had enough.  


Your Dream Cottage Near Ottawa: The Lac Sainte-Marie Development

We have exactly what you’re looking for: a place to escape the grind of the city, where you and your family can create timeless memories that will be cherished for years and years to come amidst the picturesque beauty of the Lac Sainte-Marie community. 

The Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise project offers you exactly this: life in paradise, but with a side of invaluable practicality. 

Live in your dream home, on a lake, surrounded by lush forests and magnificent mountains, enjoying nature’s playground and making the most of the great outdoors. But in this case, you’ll still be able to drive from your cottage to Ottawa’s downtown core in just an hour’s time.

What’s more, the quality of life you enjoy in the city will be maintained once you live in the country. The Lac Sainte-Marie development is ensuring every home is built with an electric generator, and that all homes will have access to freshwater via local wells. Further, the homes being built on the peninsula will be part of a gated-community, adding further security and prestige to this attractive new neighborhood. 

Owning a cottage near Ottawa can give you the life you’ve always wanted. We’re here to help you get there.

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