Lac-Sainte-Marie, an enchanting municipality

Situated only 1 hour outside of downtown Ottawa, Lac-Sainte-Marie is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of magnificent mountains, lakes, and forests. Breathtaking in any season, Lac-Sainte-Marie is a quaint community nestled in the heart of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau region that is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. With a ski hill and golf course in the town’s backyard, there is no shortage of outdoor activities for residents and tourists alike.

A bit of history

The municipality was first formed in 1872 after being opened to settlers in 1840. The municipality was originally called Hincks, in honour of politician Sir Francis Hincks, who served as the finance minister in the Macdonald cabinet until 1873. After this, the municipality was referred to by the name of the parish and, later by the name of the lake. In 1882, the town post-office was first opened, and the municipality was renamed using the English Lake Sainte-Marie, then Lac-Sainte-Marie in 1916.

In 1928, the construction of the Paugan Hydroelectric Dam in the nearby municipality of Low required flooding of the village, forcing nearly all of Lac-Sainte-Marie’s residents to relocate to higher ground. Finally, in 1975, Lac-Sainte-Marie became the official name of the municipality, to honour Marie Léveillée, mother of the first settler of the area, Jean-Marie Léveillée.

Lac-Sainte-Marie: A municipality with strong values

The community of Lac-Sainte-Marie prides itself on two key values: being family-oriented and eco-friendly. Above all else, the municipality is open to adapting to its community’s needs, making decisions that consider the outcomes for residents both young and old.

It’s one thing to live in a beautiful, nature-filled paradise on the water. But it’s also incredibly satisfying to live in a municipality that cares about you, wants to hear what you have to say, and takes real steps toward protecting the very environment that makes your dream home and the surrounding community so amazing.

Outdoor activities all year round

Situated on Lac-Sainte-Marie, it should come as no surprise that there is no shortage of watersports here! Fishing, boating, swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, canoe and kayaking, and much more. All of this is available right in the backyard of your private waterfront oasis.

And there’s more to do than just get wet! Mont Sainte-Marie is a short drive away, so, weather-permitting, you can jump into your skis or snowboard and take advantage of the snow! The nearby forests are packed with trails for cycling, hiking, running, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and much more!

Lac-Sainte-Marie is an ideal municipality for anyone looking to live in a beautiful, peaceful area that at the same time is conducive to an active lifestyle. If you are interested in living in this amazing place, Lac-Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise offers beautiful waterfront lots with paradise-like views. Send us an inquiry for information on pre-sale.

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