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Land for Sale in Canada! Why You Should Consider Living Away from the City


Seeing that there is land for sale in Canada means something different now than it used to. Times are changing and they’re changing fast, with COVID-19 having an enormous impact on how we work and where we work from (who needs offices anymore, anyway?). 

Why do you need to live in the city if you can work from the spare room in your home, even if that’s not anywhere close to your company’s offices? 

There is a lot of land for sale in Canada. A lot of people are used to live in the city, escaping to the country for a quick vacation every now and again. But there are so many great things about rural living – the country doesn’t have to be reserved for vacations!

Here’s why you should consider living away from the city when planning to build your dream home for you and your family. Land for sale in Canada now means something different as we get used to this new normal. 


  1. Pollution, Air Quality

The further away from the city you go, the better the air quality gets. This is in part due to less pollution, but there are a few other factors to consider as well, including having more trees and greenspace. 

Land for sale in rural Canada means an opportunity to live somewhere you can wake up and breathe in the clean, fresh air every single day, and not have to worry about pollution’s effect on you and your family’s health. 


  1. Access to Nature

When you live in the country, you’re likely to find mother nature right in your backyard. Lakes, mountains, forests, birds, animals – these will all be a part of your daily scenery. You won’t have to make a day-trip to be in the heart of the great outdoors! 

Living in the country allows you to enjoy inspiring sunrises and peaceful sunsets every morning and every night as you reconnect with nature. This doesn’t have to be a vacation or a weekend-getaway – this can be your everyday lifestyle. 


  1. Outdoor Activities, Physical Activity 

There’s no shortage of things to do outdoors when you live in the country. 

Outdoor activities are a staple of country living, including everything to do with watersports (canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, speed boating, jet skiing, tubing, swimming, etc.), hiking, trail running and mountain biking, and outdoor sports like beach volleyball, as well as skiing, snowboarding, skating, and more during the winter months. 

It’s not just land for sale in Canada’s rural towns – this land brings with it a physically active lifestyle, one that embraces life outdoors and doesn’t take the amazing access to nature for granted. 


  1. Privacy

How much privacy do you get living in a neighborhood where residents are living on top of each other, or where houses are so close together you can almost reach into your neighbor’s window? Probably not that much. 

Living in the country, away from the city, means having much more space to yourself, and that in turn means having more privacy. This is an important consideration when looking to buy or build a home, especially if you’re raising a family. 

The further away you are from the city, the more privacy you’ll tend to enjoy. Bigger plots of land for sale in Canada’s rural towns means putting more space between you and your neighbors, and that means more privacy and a better quality of life. 


  1. Quiet

The most amazing piece of land for sale in Canada’s most amazing city would be nearly worthless if there was a constant ringing sound coming from a nearby neighbor. To say that a quiet living space is valuable would be an enormous understatement. 

Living in the country grants you and your family not only peace but also quiet. Escape the constant sounds of traffic, construction, and neighborhood-life that are givens in the city. Instead, enjoy the subtle, background noises of nature, and smile as you watch the stress melt away.  


  1. Lower Crime Rates

Mostly due to population density, crime rates tend to be lower in rural areas compared to city or suburban areas. 

If you live in the country, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that you, your family, and your home are secure for now and for the long term. Take comfort in the fact that your neighborhood is safe, that you can trust your neighbors, and that you’re part of a wholesome, connected community.  


  1. Smaller, Stronger Communities

Communities in rural towns tend to be smaller and stronger compared to communities in cities or suburbs. A sense of community is a major contributor to happiness, and this is something that is often missed when living in a big city. 

Raising a family in a community where neighbors look out for each other, and where important values are promoted through social engagements, is a goal for many parents. Finding land for sale in Canada’s beautiful countryside – wherever that may be – means an opportunity to be part of one of those small, strong, tight-knit communities. 


  1. Fewer Living Restrictions 

Without the many by-laws that come with living in cities or suburbs, you have more freedom when it comes to building or renovating your home. 

Likewise, many apartment residences and neighborhoods have rules and restrictions on pets. This is rarely the case when you live in the country – have all the pets you want, space-permitted (don’t worry, there’s a lot of space!).  


  1. Lower Cost of Living 

For the most part, living away from the city and the suburbs means a lower cost of living overall. Things like food, various insurances, and some taxes tend to cost less, so you’ll have more money for savings or discretionary purchases. 


  1. Access to Organic and Locally Grown Produce 

Living in the country means being closer to farms. That means that you and your family have better access to locally grown and organic produce. 

Eating clean is taken to a whole different level when there’s a farm down the road, and you can get fruits and vegetables fresh from the ground or right-off a tree on a regular basis.  


  1. Easier to Be Self-Sufficient or Semi Self-Sufficient 

Land for sale in Canada’s rural towns means another thing for your diet: it’s much easier to be self-sufficient or semi self-sufficient. More space and privacy means you can grow more of your own food. 

Imagine a life where you didn’t have to go to the supermarket, except occasionally for a few extras. Salad from the garden in the backyard? Yes, please!


Land for Sale in Canada: Lac Sainte-Marie 

Of all the land for sale in Canada, the Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise project is a perfect example of the type of rural, luxury living that is now becoming increasingly available. 

Located just fifty minutes from downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Lac Sainte-Marie is a beautiful, cozy town surrounded by magnificent mountains, a stunning lake, and lush forest. This development is the ideal investment on which to build your dream home. 

Get the best of both worlds and live in the country, but be close enough to the city that you don’t feel isolated. This development offers the perfect blend between paradise and practicality. 

There is a lot of land for sale in Canada, but buying land in Lac Sainte-Marie is something very special. Check out the lots available for presale to learn more about the development, and see what your future could look like. 

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