August 14, 2020 Mathieu Laliberte

Luxury Cottages in Canada: The Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise Development 


You’re in the market for a luxury cottage in Canada. Now what? How do you decide where to settle down?

This beautiful country makes it easy to own rural land that is conveniently located just a short drive from one of the major Canadian cities.   

The small towns that are typically home to luxury cottages across Canada offer not only scenic views and breathtaking landscapes, they also afford a practical lifestyle for you and your family. 

Let’s explore this lifestyle that comes along with owning your own beautiful luxury cottage in Canada. 


Luxury Cottages in Canada

Canada is said to be home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all North America. Residents of this amazing country are lucky to have access to a wide range of nature and wildlife just a short drive from a major city.  

At the end of the day, owning land in Canada is a smart investment. 

Canadians typically enjoy a very high quality of life. Likewise, land bought in Canada, especially in high-end developments, tends to appreciate in value over time. Low crime-rates, universal healthcare, a secure economy, and multicultural society are just some of the other elements that make Canada such a fantastic place to live. 

All in all, owning land in Canada is a smart move. 

Thankfully for you, there’s no shortage of space for luxury cottages in Canada – the country borders hold within them 48 national parks and more than 1000 provincial and territorial parks! The innumerable forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers make this country a hotbed for outdoor sports, camping, and luxury cottage life. 

But with this being such a large country, how do you narrow down where to find your perfect luxury cottage in Canada? 

Instead of going over the pros and cons of various Canadian regions, this article will use one particular development as a case study: The Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise Project. 

Located just an hour outside of downtown Ottawa, this small Quebec town serves as a great example of the type of land that is available for your ideal luxury cottage lifestyle in Canada. 

Let’s explore the Lac Sainte-Marie development a bit more in-depth. 


Luxury Cottages in Canada: Lac Sainte-Marie Development 

The Lac Sainte-Marie Peninsula Paradise Project is an elegant new development where you will find the ideal plot of land on which to build your dream home or luxury cottage. 

The Lac Sainte-Marie peninsula offers buyers the opportunity for easy access to the water, with some lots affording direct waterfront access. Once completed, residents in the development will enjoy the security of living in a gated community with access to pure natural spring water and personal electric generators for each home. This way, your luxury lifestyle will be maintained for years to come! 

Let’s check out the specifics of Lac-Sainte Marie, and we’ll show you why this is such a great example of some of the amazing locations for luxury cottages in Canada. 


Town of Lac Sainte-Marie

Nestled in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau region in Quebec near the Ontario border, Lac Sainte-Marie is a quaint, cozy town that is just waiting to be discovered. Dating all the way back to 1872, the town has a rich history, a vibrant cultural scene, and a welcoming, tightly-knit community.   

The Lac Sainte-Marie community prides itself on two key values: being family-oriented and eco-friendly. With values like these, and with such amazing access to the great outdoors, this town is perfect for families and individuals alike. 


Life on the Lake

Located on the pristine Lac Sainte-Marie, there is obviously no shortage of watersports when you live in this town! 

Swimming, boating, kayaking – you name it. When you live on the peninsula, you’ll have access to Lac Sainte-Marie at one end and Rivière de la Gatineau at the other end. 

What’s more is that there will be a sand beach on the peninsula, as well as a private marina for boating and other activities! 

Bring your towel and sunscreen, it’s time to get in the water! 


Climbing and Skiing the Mountain

If having a lake in your backyard wasn’t great enough, take a short drive and you’ll be looking up at Mont Sainte-Marie. With the highest vertical in the area, this privately-owned ski resort gives you and the family, even more, to do outdoors during all four seasons. 

Skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snow-shoeing – there’s no question that Mont Sainte-Marie is great in the winter. But in the warmer months, you and your family can also enjoy hiking, trail running, and mountain biking in the lush forests that surround this small town. 

Get outdoors with the family and breathe in the beautiful fresh air as you roam through the forests and bathe in the comforting sun. Make memories away from the city, living your ideal lifestyle in your dream luxury cottage in Canada! 


The Luxury Cottage Canada Lifestyle

The lifestyle that comes along with owning a luxury cottage in Canada can vary depending on where you are. 

The Lac Sainte-Marie development serves as a great example of the luxury and practicality that is available just a short drive from a major Canadian city, in this case, the nation’s capital. 

Work-from-home practices are becoming more and more popular, and remote work and online-education appear to be gaining steam as we move into the later parts of 2020. 

Why not give you and your family an opportunity to reconnect with nature – to grow, to mature, to develop, to age, and to form life-long memories in your new dream home? 

The first step is finding the best place to build the ideal luxury cottage in Canada. Why not look more into Lac Sainte-Marie? 


Luxury Cottages in Canada: Life Near the Water

An important consideration when looking to buy land is access to water, such as a nearby lake or river. For example, the Lac Sainte-Marie development will be built on Lac Sainte-Marie, but not every property will necessarily be a waterfront lot.  

Waterfront living is one thing, but we know that access to the water is what really counts. 

The Lac Sainte-Marie development will enjoy a sand beach along one part of the peninsula, as well as a marina for boating and other water activities. This way, it doesn’t matter where you get property inside the development – everyone will have easy access to the water! 

The Lac Sainte-Marie development has everything you are looking for and is a fantastic example of the type of land available for luxury cottages in Canada. 

Looking to build your own luxury cottage in Canada? Learn more about the Lac Sainte-Marie development pre-sale

Your luxury cottage in Canada is waiting for you at Lac Sainte-Marie…